talk to the world
about yourself,
not about others.
Our offers
in the limited series
for your uniqueness
and saving resources
of the environment.
We are against
Slow fashion for real
long lasting
delight and special feelings.
the conceptions and stereotypes
about basic wardrobe.
Feel the pleasure of authentic yourself
despite the height and parameters.
After all, we always pay attention to them
and take into account when working on orders.
Present you
tactile pleasure
and take care
of your health,
so we make things
only of high quality
natural fabrics.
Order exceptional things
which can impress you
with unique design,
perfect fit
and time of manufacturing.
We expand the boundaries
creative potential.
More than 20 years work experience
as a designer technologist
of the head of the brand,
allows to create things
of such a high quality,
which makes easy care
and long-term use.
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The main values of the brand are love for women and the surrounding world.
Therefore, when creating it, we thought about those
who as a result of creating his wardrobe
wants to receive unhurried aesthetic pleasure
from the application of personal creative potential
and tactile pleasure thanks to natural fabrics.
Who cares about staying REAL
rather than adapting to the surrounding world.
Who does not chase after quantity and does not want to hide behind sameness,
which is promoted by the mass market.
Who cares about their health and smart consumption.
Our brand invites you to express yourself and talk to the world about yourself, not about others.

Be real -
express yourself and speak to the world
about yourself, not about others!

The "Spravzhna" clothing brand was created with love for the modern woman,
who wants to feel refined, special and likes to emphasize her individuality,
likes natural fabrics and has a formed position regarding his own health
and the health of our planet and is a supporter of conscious consumption.